Invited speaker

Prof. Robert Bitmead

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
University of California, San Diego, USA


Talk : I can’t Yelp, Tweet or Bing without System Identifying

Abstract: Mobile telecommunications provide a fertile ground for System Identification because of the need to provide repeated reliable estimates of transmission channel properties which are varying at a rate depending on the relative speed between the source and receiver. This fertility is evident in the set of existing System Identification solutions present and operating dependably without human intervention in existing mobile telecommunications systems and in the fecundity of the area for defining new challenges for System Identification. The presentation will cover aspect sod both. Current identification methods applied for channel equalization and channel power control (a living breathing adaptive control system at work) will be analyzed for their implementation of estimation algorithms once per transmission frame, with a focus on the excitation questions. More modern and future mobile systems operate in MIMO due to the presence of multiple antennas and/or the operation at multiple frequencies. There are some special challenges for MIMO System Identification which help pick out new areas for evaluation.