Travel and Accommodation

The workshop will be held at l'Abbaye des Prémontrés, located:
9 Rue Saint-Martin, 54700 Pont-à-Mousson, France


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There are various ways to reach Pont-a-Mousson:

  • From the northern parts of Europe, the most accessible airport is Luxembourg. Then Pont-a-Mousson is directly accessible by train.
  • It is also possible to fly to Paris, as a direct junction by TGV is offered from Paris CDG.
  • Nancy is also accessible quickly from Paris-Est railway station

Here are a few hints to give a time travelling idea:

Access from Nancy:

  • 30 min by car
  • Direct junction by train: 15 minutes
Access from Luxembourg Airport:
  • Less than an hour by car
  • Direct junction by train: 1h20

Access from Paris:

  • Direct junction from CDG paris airport to Lorraine-TGV railway station by TGV : 1h20 then 15 minutes by car
  • Direction junction from Paris-Est railway station to Nancy : 1h30

Access from Lorraine-TGV railway station:

  • 15 minutes by car

Access from Nancy-Metz airport (only reachable from France):

  • 15 minutes by car



The abbaye des Prémontrés offers a cosy and quiet accomodation in both modern style and traditional style.
Even though the Abbaye offers 70 rooms which can be offered on a shared basis, only a restricted number have been booked so far, and accomodation is not guaranteed for late registration.
For the unicity of place, twin rooms will be priorily offered to students in double occupancy.
The number of rooms is limited and will be booked according to a first come-first served principle.
A detailed description of the rooms is given here.
Other accommodation facilities in Pont-a-Mousson can be found here.